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Drinking Milk Is Not So Healthy After All

Drinking Milk

Drinking Milk – Not A Healthy Option

Most of us in my age range, 46, grew up being taught and conditioned to believe that drinking milk was a healthy option and that it should be a staple in your daily life.

Wow, our parents and all of us through our childhood and still today are brainwashed on the benefits of drinking milk. In my opinion, the dairy industry’s commercials about how milk is supposed to do a body good is a crime and it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Let’s get to the facts on why drinking milk is foundation to illness and disease including, sinusitis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and potentially cancer!

Let’s start with the obvious signs of what drinking milk does to the human body.

First, with our children, drinking milk is a major contributor to ear aches. Milk protein builds the foundation for mucous which causes inflammation and hence an ear ache. Second, drinking milk daily can lead to chronic sinusitis and the continual need for antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. This is a nasty cycle that is created in the body and leads to the robbing of your good gut bacteria and “probiotics” which the antibiotics destroy. These probiotics can be repopulated in the gut but it takes time and guidance by a Naturopathic physician who knows what they are doing.

Helpful tip – if and when you do take antibiotics, always take a quality probiotic along with it to reduce the damage being done in your gut.

My Personal Testimonial On Why Drinking Milk Will Cause Disease 

I’ll give you my personal testimonial on the effects drinking milk had on my body. I never really liked drinking milk growing up but I had it because it was what you had in your cereal and with warm nestle chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, am I right…? Oh the pain, surgeries and prescriptions for antibiotics I’m saving my daughter who is six by knowing what I know now, there is no drinking milk in our house, hasn’t been for over 16 years now.

As I weaned myself off of drinking milk, it was re-introduced to me by way of Starbucks through milk lattes back in late eighties and early nineties. At that time drinking milk lattes became addicting to me as caffeine will do that and the sinus problems set in big time. A few years later I was suffering from chronic sinusitis and taking way too many antibiotics. Unfortunately, during these years of drinking milk lattes and taking antibiotics for sinusitis, I was unaware of what was happening in my gut. I was developing a massive amount of candida overgrowth.

Ultimately, this lead to three sinus surgeries and a lot of pain, time and money all because of drinking milk lattes and resulting doses of antibiotics. This in addition to my mom’s bouts with lung and brain cancer fueled my thirst to research food, nutrition, disease and find out why this was happening to me and cancer to my mother. The end result was I discovered through my research the benefits of intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy which is quite amazing in it’s scope in healing the human body. I no longer drink milk lattes and I haven’t taken antibiotics in over 16 years and never will. Since the hydrogen peroxide treatments, I have not had a single bout of sinusitis.

Cow’s milk was never designed to be consumed by humans, it’s far to large of a protein to be assimilated in the human body. No other species on the planet drinks from another species milk, just humans. Even baby calf’s are quickly weaned off of their mother’s milk,  think about that for just a minute. The dairy industry is a very powerful industry and has created the biggest hoax in our recent history, our conditioned brainwashing into thinking drinking milk is healthy and beneficial.

Some Additional Scary Disgusting Facts about Drinking Milk

“Pasteurized dairy is produced in the filthiest conditions imaginable. Blood, pus, and dangerous pathogens routinely end up in pasteurized milk.”

CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) animals are given large quantities of antibiotics, vaccines, synthetic vitamins, and other potentially toxic drugs to prevent the diseases that would normally overtake them as a result of living in such filthy, overcrowded conditions. Those chemicals get passed along to you in the milk you consume. In fact, using a highly sensitive test, scientists have detected as many as 20 painkillers, antibiotics and growth hormones in samples of cow’s milk.

A couple of other important facts in regards to drinking milk. As you can read from the above quote, pasteurized milk is like drinking dead milk that is loaded with pathogens, blood and pus. Pasteurized milk is heated up and kills all living enzymes. Your drinking milk is also “homogenized”. Homogenization is what causes scaring of the arterial walls. Scarring of the arterials walls leads to a build up of cholesterol and elevations in blood pressure as your heart has to work harder to pump your blood through a smaller opening because of the scarring.

Drinking milk is not natural and leads to disease, seek out healthy alternatives such as Hemp, Almond, Rice, and Coconut milk and realize the benefits!

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Cheers to your health!

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4 Responses to Drinking Milk Is Not So Healthy After All

  • Heidi Keller says:

    I would like to ask what you think about raw whole milk. I do occasionally drink it the way it is, but I make most of it into kefir to make smoothies. It is my understanding that fermented raw milk is an extremely healthful food.

    BTW, I am so glad you didn’t suggest drinking soy milk as an alternative! Your objections to milk refer to pasteurized homogenized milk and I share your passion, especially as this is a food that is passed off as”healthy” for children.

    • Russ Curran says:

      Hi Heidi, thanks so much for your comments, it’s always great to connect with fellow like minded people!

      As far as raw whole milk, I look at it this way, if you are going to drink milk, that is the only way to go. However, I’m just not a fan of dairy even if it’s raw milk. The proteins from the cow are too large for humans to digest and process. As I said in my post or video, a calf eventually weans off drinking it’s mother’s milk as do all other species in nature, except for us.

      To me, logically, it just doesn’t make sense to keep drinking raw milk. Mother’s milk is best as infants and incredibly important to a little one’s immune system. Eventually the infant now baby has received what they needed from the mother’s milk and no longer requires it, just nature. I tend to follow the path of nature.

      I hope that helps, let me know if there is anything you would like to inquire about? Cheers!

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