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Cancer Defeated

Cancer Defeated

This page is dedicated to the programs and resources of Cancer Defeated!

Through education and knowledge all things are possible and this page will provide you with all the education, information and resources you will ever need to beat cancer or prevent it from ever happening! Cancer Defeated Lee Euler has helped so many people understand that they have options and there is hope!

Cancer Defeated has proven natural methods of beating cancer from proper nutrition, effective supplementation, alternative cancer clinics in the US and abroad and much more so let’s get to the good stuff!

Does it sound incredible to you that one supplement can help all diseases – and more? Then ask yourself this: What if you had NO vitamins in your diet – none at all? You’d be very sick.

Guess what: this nutrient is just as important as vitamins and you’re getting approximately ZERO. Click on this link and find out all the details!

“The Missing Ingredient for Good Health” – Why most health foods are a waste of money!


Now, let’s talk about stopping cancer before it actually starts!

The #2 cause of cancer is the last thing you’d expect AND IT’S ALMOST TOTALLY UNDER YOUR CONTROL!

And another health blunder causes just as many deaths as smoking—yet almost no one knows it. The secrets I’m about to reveal can cut your risk of cancer by as much as 90%!


I’ve got some news that might shock you.

An official at the American Cancer Society told the Cancer Defeated editors that it’s easy to avoid half of all cancers.

I respectfully disagree. I think you can avoid up to 80% or 90% of all cancers—IF you take full advantage of the information I’m about to tell you.

In fact, an adviser to the American Institute for Cancer Research confirmed exactly what I say: Nine out of 10 cancers are related to factors we control.

Of course, their #1 piece of advice is “stop smoking.” We all know that. But I bet you don’t know the #2 cause of cancer. It’s something totally under your control—it’s MUCH EASIER
than quitting cigarettes—and it’s the last thing you’d ever expect. I’ll tell you about it in a moment. Keep reading. You’re about to discover…

Cancer Defeated


Did you know a certain food DOUBLES the risk of breast cancer? A 12-year study of 90,000 women proves it. Cancer Defeated got the scoop from a scientist at Harvard Medical School.

Just get this food out of your life and you can save yourself from one of the most feared—and common—types of cancer. You’ll find the details on page 24 of a new Special Report I’m publishing.

But that’s just the start. I’ve got more secrets for you, many more…

    • You’re up to three times more likely to get prostate cancer if you fail to eat this. You can find it in any supermarket, or take it in supplement form if you like. We heard about it from Dr. Patrick C. Walsh, distinguished service professor at the Brady Urological Institute of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. It’s on page 32 of our new report.


    • A common type of bacteria multiplies your risk of stomach cancer up to eight times. About 90 million older Americans carry this lethal bug. You can get rid of it—easily. We got the word from a professor of infectious diseases at Stanford University Medical School. See page 51.


    • Cut your risk of ovarian cancer up to 60% in only six months by taking a certain herb. It worked in both lab studies and human trials. Dr. Daniel William Cramer told us about it, and he should know. He’s a Harvard Medical School professor of women’s reproductive biology. See his advice for yourself on page 10.


    • You can reduce your danger of liver cancer as much as 80% with a forgotten vitamin—one you won’t find in most multivitamins. We learned about it from a Tufts University scientist who’s taken part in more than 50 studies of this nutrient. See page 47.


    • Another overlooked vitamin—not vitamins C, E, A or beta-carotene—can reduce the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancers by half. You’ll find this one in most multivitamins, but the dose is way below what you need to reap the cancer-prevention benefit. Page 46


    • A simple, cheap examination can spot mouth cancers early and reduce deaths by 79%. We learned about it from a cancer researcher in France. The exam is noninvasive. No biopsies, no X-rays. Your dentist can do it during your regular visit—and it can save your life. See page 8.


  • Delicious fruit juice slows the growth of prostate cancer to a crawl. A UCLA expert in urology told us about it. Details on page 31.

I hope you’re beginning to see…


Cancer Defeated Presents:

Click Here to read the full report and order this life changing book now!


Let’s talk about how to Outsmart Your Cancer!

Outsmart Your Cancer

If you or a loved one ever gets cancer, there’s one cancer treatment above all that you’ll want to remember.
It’s one of the world’s most powerful cancer cures, according to research by Jim Sheridan, a scientist at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research. Its cancer-killing ability was also confirmed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute.

Some experts believe this treatment may outperform every other cancer treatment that exists!

Independent cancer treatment expert Tanya Harter Pierce confided, “I could find more complete recoveries from cancer with [this treatment] than I could find on any other cancer treatment.”  

These are documented recoveries, from virtually every kind of cancer, at every stage—even advanced cancers. And in each of these cases, the tumors not only shrank and the cancer got better, but all of the cancer went away completely! 

Watch this Video Now;


Click on this link to read the entire report – Outsmart your Cancer

Click on this link to see all Cancer Defeated publications –

Publications at!


Cheers to your health!

 Russ Curran












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