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Calcium Deficiency Is Not The Cause Of Osteoporosis

Calcium deficiency is not the cause of osteoporosis ; it’s a disease of too much acidity in the body.

The body’s way of neutralizing acidity is to take calcium and magnesium from the bone because calcium and magnesium are alkalinizing minerals. The acidity takes the calcium and magnesium from the bone and then the person becomes osteopenic or osteoporotic. Minerals in the body then become depleted and need to be replaced, hence calcium deficiency is created. Supplementation is good, intravenous treatments are better especially if osteoporosis has already set in. The good news is, this condition can be reversed but you need to take action anCalcium Deficiencyd work with a Naturopathic doctor who provides these treatments.

Large doses of vitamin C stimulate the immune system, help the liver work better and strengthen our adrenals. High doses of vitamins can accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of organs in the body. This is huge because most people with a calcium deficiency have reduced organ function, reduced adrenal function, and sluggish livers. So if by stimulating these organs to work better, people can be helped immensely! Most people don’t know that vitamin C creates hydrogen peroxide naturally in the body which is what is used to fight off foreign invaders in our body such as bacteria and viruses. Nothing “anerobic” (any disease) can live in an oxygen rich environment and there is nothing more oxygen rich than hydrogen peroxide!

 So you may be wondering in regards to calcium deficiency, can you test for mineral depletion?  

Yes, you can do a blood test for mineral depletion. But here’s the vicious cycle; the majority of people do not have great digestive systems, so therefore they don’t absorb minerals well. The people who are treated with acid blockers for their heartburn and GERD will not have enough hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, which will result in decreased absorption of minerals. So, most of the people out there on Nexium, Prilosec, Aciphex and other acid blockers are ultimately going to have mineral depletion problems and ultimately a calcium deficiency.

Gut problems, which are created by poor diet, prescription and over the counter drugs and alcohol, create mineral problems which create bone problems, that lead to calcium deficiency and then more drugs to treat it! That vicious cycle again, the downward cycle we call aging.  But, it’s really not about aging; it’s about a lack of understanding that we are living longer, and that the body parts have to be addressed and listened to and corrected just like a mechanic tests a car engine on a diagnostics machine and fixes what’s broken.

Think of the house you live in or the car you drive, if you take care of things in a proactive manner before they become an issue, you save money, things run smoother and they can last indefinitely, right? Well, you need to start thinking about your body and it’s parts in the same way. Take good care of them and they will take good care of you! Don’t drink pasteurized milk to get your calcium, it will lead to further calcium deficiency. Eat your greens to your hearts content as they are loaded with calcium that gets absorbed directly into the body. And, incorporate a weight lifting regimen, resistance weight training also helps build strong bones. You don’t have to lift big weights to help keep calcium deficiency at bay, so get yourself in the gym and get busy, your body will love you for it!

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