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How Can A Himalayan Salt Lamp Cleanse The Air You Breathe

himalayan-salt-lampHow Can A Himalayan Salt Lamp Cleanse The Air You Breathe

Over many years, salt in form of powder has been used to add flavor in meals. Most people dont have a hint of other great benefits that crystal salt can offer. Blocks of Himalayan Salt crystal are used to make the Himalayan salt lamp, which presents numerous health benefits. The atmosphere is filled with both positive and negative ions. Such ions require balancing in order to get enhance the quality of the atmosphere. The Himalayan salt lamp works by counteracting the positive ions that result from commonly used electric equipment such as television sets and computers among others. This makes the lamp best for homes, office and other business environments.


Employing a himalayan salt lamp or two in a living or working environment is beneficial to the health of individuals. This helps prevent one from various illnesses caused by the increasing positive ions resulting from very essential home and office equipment. Such common ailments resulting from increased positive ions in the atmosphere include insomnia, allergies, headaches and sinus conditions. Asthma and stress are yet other disorders resulting from the same.


One would wonder how the Himalayan salt lamp works to deliver such health benefits. The concept is very simple. When the salt crystal component of the lamp heats up, negative ions are emitted. In addition to offsetting the positive ions, these ions also provide a clean air by getting rid of all pollen, bacteria and dust particles in the air. When this occurs, a pleasant breeze, resembling that of an ocean or waterfall comes into effect.


The Himalayan Salt Lamp has great therapeutic properties since the salt is free from any pollutants

The salt crystals making the lamp are located high in the mountains where traces of environmental pollution are rare. This makes the lamp best for human health as it emits no harmful chemical compounds when the lamp heats up. To achieve maximum benefits, the lamps should be placed in various positions at home such as the living room and where the family relaxes. The lamp can also be placed in the bedroom as that helps prevent one from sinus conditions when sleeping. Work places and offices are other ideal positions for the lamp.


Additionally to health benefits, these lamps are more affordable compared to other air cleansers. This also provides a natural feeling which cannot be offered by other air cleaners. The lamps are also highly available and easy to maintain as they require no replacing apart from the small bulb which is cheap. On the other end, it should be noted that the amount of negative ions emitted depend on the size of the lamp. A larger himalayan salt lamp crystal emits more ions compared to a small one. The size of the lamp should though be defined by the area in which it will be used.


Himalayan salt lamps are one of the best when it comes to dealing with effects of modern technology. With vast technological advances in our day to day life, a natural ionizer is essential in order to curb the negative health effects resulting from the increasing positive ions. It is thus recommended that one installs a Himalayan salt lamp in their home and office environment.


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