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Another Rob Lowe Commercial No This Time Skincare

Rob Lowe CommercialThat’s right, this won’t be about another Rob Lowe commercial, this is about the launch of his new skincare line for men, Profile.

As much as I like a good Rob Lowe commercial, especially, creepy Rob Lowe, this article isn’t about that, well, not entirely. I must say,
I was impressed with his skincare ingredients.

I don’t care about the name of the company or product or how pretty the label is and the branding, when it comes to skincare, I go right to
the ingredients. If it has even one of the known harmful chemicals in there (i.e.parabens, glycerin, or anything synthetic)  I  don’t waste
anymore of my time and move on.

I never understood why someone would go to the length of creating a product and have 95-96% of the ingredients be free of the harmful
stuff and then add in glycerin or a paraben or yellow #5, etc. They go that far and stop and for me, lose a customer. I like what Rob has done.

Rob has actually been very focused on developing his new line of skincare for men for the past 6 years. The key word in the last sentence is “developer”.
Rob is not the face of the brand, he is the developer. He didn’t leave it up to someone else and they slapped his handsome mug on the label, I like and admire that.

Rob was quoted as saying, “Throughout my career, I learned tricks of the trade from experts for maintaining clean, healthy and younger looking skin. I used this
knowledge, proven ingredients and personal research to make grooming quick and easy for men with all skin types.” I applaud him as I value my skin and appreciate
how hard it is to create a line that is free of petrochemicals.

Petrochemicals, better known as gasoline or when listed as ingredients on skincare labels show up as glycerin, polyethylene glycol, glycol, or anything with a “PEG” in it, stay
away from them, all toxic.

Rob’s Profile line doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and they are designed to soothe and calm your skin from the elements of shaving. They will hydrate and moisturize
your skin creating a more youthful look. And, the best part in my opinion, erase the visual signs of aging by rebuilding skin while lifting, firming and reducing fine lines! Check
out his Profile lines ingredients.

Okay, I couldn’t resist, let’s have some fun and play the Rob Lowe commercial featuring “super creepy Rob Lowe”

Direct TV Rob Lowe Commercial

Back to the ingredients part, did you know that 60-70% percent of whatever you’re rubbing on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream?

Yeah, that’s right, so even if it’s only a “little” bit of those toxins getting into your blood, when used consistently, over time, that adds up to A LOT of toxins accumulating
in your body. That spells bad news for your health long term!

ProfileYou can avoid this by being smart and investing in your health and a good skincare line such as Rob Lowe’s Profile!

Rob is quoted as saying,  “I believe that everyone should have access to what they need to look and feel their best. With these hassle-free products, every man can put his best face forward with confidence.”

I’m all for products that you can use with confidence never for one second worrying about what might be in them! The more we support and
purchase products like Lowe’s Profile line, the less demand for the other lines that have harmful chemicals and we push them off the shelves
and out of the stores.




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