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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to wake up “inside” your dreams.

You’re a character, alive in this special world – where you can do literally ANYTHING you WANT!

You can go FLYING. Meet your HERO. Act out your WILDEST FANTASIES.

If you’ve ever experienced lucid dreaming, you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Well, now you can enjoy experiences like this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Bradley Thompson has just finished creating his own unique collection of Lucid Dreaming Adventures, each designed to take you into a deeply relaxed state – and help you enjoy a SPECIFIC ADVENTURE every single night!

From enjoying the thrills of the world’s largest roller coaster to taking a well-earned vacation. From chatting with Einstein to traveling through time. From getting rid of stage fright to spending a passionate night with the person of your dreams!

Can YOU imagine enjoying adventures like these WHENEVER YOU WANT?

lucid dreaming

Well, that’s what Bradley Thompson GUARANTEES — when you try out one of NEW Lucid Dreaming Adventure CDs.

Here’s Why 99.9% of People Have BIG PROBLEMS When They First Try Out Lucid Dreaming –Discover How YOU Can Gain an IMMEDIATE Advantage & Enjoy Your FIRST Lucid Dreaming Adventure – TONIGHT!

Lucid dreaming requires TWO THINGS to be in place in order to work.

First, you need to “WAKE UP” while you’re inside a dream.

“Waking up” means to become become fully aware that you’re dreaming. It’s like diving into a television set and becoming the main character. When you’re aware that you’re dreaming, you can control the dream completely.

If you aren’t prompted to “wake up” inside the dream, your mind takes over – and your imagination just runs away with itself. You become passive. You’re watching the dream.

And that means you CAN’T control the dream – and enjoy those AMAZING, life-changing adventures!

Secondly, you need to be RELAXED.

That may seem obvious, but can you imagine how many people go to bed TENSE – EXPECTING a lucid dream to occur, NERVOUS that maybe they WON’T experience a dream tonight?

Relaxation is key. The mind has to be in the right state – throughout the night. Most people start off on the wrong note, and it goes downhill from there.


IGNORE them and you may as well FORGET about lucid dreaming altogether!

When we produced “Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days,” I helped to create an amazing “Audio Stimulation CD” – currently used by THOUSANDS of lucid dreamers throughout the globe.

The CD provides “REALITY PROMPTS” to “wake” the user as they enter their dreams. It also utilizes special brainwave entrainment tones to ensure the listener remains relaxed, and in the right brainwave state to become lucid.

It solves ALL of the problems associated with lucid dreaming.

THE CD WORKED MIRACLES – and enjoys 100,000 fans throughout the globe.

But there’s ONE request I’ve heard over and over again from listeners.

Bradley – Can you RECREATE that SAME CD, but this time for SPECIFIC Lucid Dreaming Adventures? Like FLYING? Or PROBLEM-SOLVING? Or SEXUAL adventures?”

And the answer is – YES.

I strongly recommend you check it out. HIGHLY recommended, CLICK on the banner below!

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